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Yamasee; Total population; Extinct as tribe [1] Regions with significant populations; United States (Georgia, northern Florida, and South Carolina [2]) Languages

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Yamasee Indians (a name of uncertain etymology, and evidently an abbreviated form). A former noted tribe of Muskhogean stock, best known in connection with early ...

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(1715–16), in British-American colonial history, conflict between Indians, mainly Yamasee, and British colonists in the southeastern area of South Carolina ...

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Yamasee, Yamasi , or Yemasee yĕmˈ–, Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Muskogean branch of the

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... ally of South Carolina until the Yemassee War of 1715. The first attack that began the Yemassee War occurred in the Yamasee town of Pocotaligo, ...

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In 1715 the Yamasee war broke out, the most disastrous of all those which the two Carolina settlements had to face. The documents of South Carolina show clearly that ...

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The Yamasee War (also spelled Yemassee War) (1715–1717) was a conflict between British settlers of colonial South Carolina and various Native American tribes ...

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Manataka® American Indian Council . Proudly Presents . The Yamassee Indians. The Yamassee Indian name is not a name commonly heard by those in today’s modern ...

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South Carolina SC Native Americans SC Indian Tribes SC Yemassee Indians Name, Language – Yemassee Indians. Alternate spellings: Yamasee Possible meanings: Gentle