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The Zhuang people (Chinese: 壮族; pinyin: Zhuàngzú; Zhuang: Bouxcuengh) are an ethnic group who mostly live in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China

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The Zhuang languages have been written in the Old Zhuang script, Sawndip, for over a thousand years, and possibly Sawgoek previous to that.

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With a population of about 16,178,811, the Zhuang ethnic minority is the largest minority group in China with a long history and glorious culture.

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The Zhuangs ethnic minority is China's largest minority group. Its population of 16,178,811 approaches that of Australia. Most of the Zhuangs live in ...

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The Zhuang research lab works on the forefront of single-molecule biology and bioimaging, developing and applying advanced optical imaging techniques to study the ...

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Post-Doctoral Fellow Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology 12 Oxford Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Voice (office): (617)384-9078 Fax: (617)496-9559

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2. Chinese Nationalities (Zhuang Minority) -- Minorities by Descending Populations Zhuang Lady Zhuang Lady Zhuang Gentleman

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Zhuang, Wade-Giles romanization Chuang , largest ethnic minority of South China, chiefly occupying the Zhuang Autonomous Region of Guangxi (created 1958) and Wenshan ...

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Zhuang (Vaƅcueŋƅ / Vahcuengh) Zhuang is a northern Tai language spoken by about 10 million people mainly in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China, and ...

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Zhuangzi (Chuang-tzu 莊子 “Master Zhuang” late 4th century BC) is the pivotal figure in Classical Philosophical Daoism. The Zhuangzi is a compilation ...