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Zither, pronounced, is the name of both a class of stringed instruments, and of certain particular instruments within that class. The word zither is a German ...

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Welcome to Zither US. Here you will find information pertaining to the concert zither, an instrument with Alpine origins commonly associated with the German-speaking ...

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:a stringed instrument having usually 30 to 40 strings over a shallow horizontal soundboard and played with pick and fingers

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Zither Heaven's bowed psaltery features ... Musical Instruments: See all 1,476 items. The First Man Of The Zither - Plays 'The Third Man Theme' & Other Original ...

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Zither, zither Courtesy of A.V. Ebblewhite, London; photograph, Behr Photography any stringed musical instrument whose strings are the same length as its soundboard.

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Your zither was left with us, and I've got the bassoon out of its case already.

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zither zith·er (zĭth′ər, zĭth′-) also zith·ern (-ərn) n. A musical instrument composed of a flat sound box with about 30 to 40 strings stretched over it and ...

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zither n (Music / Instruments) a plucked musical instrument consisting of numerous strings stretched over a resonating box, a few of which may be stopped on a fretted ...